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“I like using Dano’s. When I do… I know it is done right!”

— John Lester

     CS Construction

“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did on our house!  If you ever need a reference, just ask and I am more then willing to spread the good word about the quality of work and professionalism you have shown us! I have forwarded this to our real estate agent and she can share your contact info with others that may need your outstanding services. Thanks again and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!”    — David Heydt, Aviation Safety Inspector

“Great job on our our carpets and windows!”  — Amy Williams

"I can not thank you enough for the great job you did in preparing our “new” home for occupancy. When a house has been vacant for 2 years it has many issues, from a stinky refrigerator to built up dirt and grime and you took care of them all! We arrived to find a home with sparkling floors, windows and counter tops and a fresh, clean smell. No detail was overlooked, drawers and the interior of all the cabinets were clean along with the interior and exterior of all the appliances. My husband and I were both impressed with your employees, they were polite and professional with an obvious pride in their work. We will be using Dano’s Cleaning in the future!"     — Cynthia Morsilli

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I use Dano's Cleaning Service for my personal residence.  Once a year they come & clean EVERYTHING. They clean my cabinets inside & out, wash down baseboards and doors, clean grout, remove spots from shower doors, clean the windows and my carpet, and anything else I can think of!   It's my favorite day of the year (seriously).  Treat yourself, and your home, to a deep cleaning that keeps your house looking new and you feeling HAPPY.    — Karen D. 

Serving Bend, Redmond and Central Oregon

 “They made it look spotless. I got all my deposit back!”  — Rod Kirkpatrick

"Can not give enough compliments to you and your crew.  The house looks amazing and everyone was so nice to work around.  I could not have asked for any thing more.  I just got home and am so happy I get to enjoy this on a Friday evening.  Thank you!!"   — Mandy Faulkner

"Your crew did an oustanding job on my house yesterday. My house is clean and shining from top to bottom. My kitchen floor and grout were cleaned by hand inch by inch. The carpeting and upholstery has been cleaned before but never looked so as clean and fresh as the job done by Elias, Trisha, Rebecca as so thorough and efficient. Every surface was cleaned and the floors done by hand. I highly recommend your cleaning services to other customers."    — Anita P. Walker

“Your carpet tech did a great job on our carpets. We will definitely use your company again.”  — Cathy Christensen

"Finally, a cleaning service who understands Spring Cleaning is from top to bottom, inside and out! The carpets were dry within a couple of hours, unlike previous companies we used. Even the very high windows glistened inside and out, unlike other companies. The floors, appliances and fixtures sparkled, unlike other services who would miss a few. Having tried a number of different companies in the past claiming to specialize in “carpets, windows or cleaning”, the convenience and our proven results from Dano’s Cleaning Service makes us repeat customers. Dano’s is professional and takes pride in its crew and work. When you can have one great company who exceeds expectations for a great value, there is no need to call any others."     — Wynan Pelley