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House & Carpet Cleaning Services in Bend, OR

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Originally established in Kauai in 1982, Dano's Cleaning provides top quality cleaning services and excellent communication before, during, and after each cleaning project.

We are NOT a franchise. Dano's Cleaning is a fully-staffed, family-owned business that
aims to serve you today and for years to come.

For Bend and Central Oregon Contractors: Dano's Cleaning provides these top quality
final construction clean up services:

  • Complete vacuum and dust down
  • Polishing all surfaces
  • General cleaning of the entire house, making sure all of your needs are met.
  • Window and skylight cleaning, washing inside and out.
  • Power washing all hard surfaces, e.g. driveways, walkways, decks.

For Bend and Central Oregon Homeowners or Commercial Customers: Dano's Cleaning provides these residential and commercial deep cleaning services:
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Flood Extraction
  • Carpet Repair
  • Window Cleaning
  • General Housecleaning
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Holiday Cleaning
  • Disinfecting

For Bend Oregon Bank Managers, Real Estate Brokers, Insurance agents: Dano's Cleaning provides these cleaning services to get your properties back on the market:
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window washing, cleaning inside and out
  • Cleaning all appliances
  • Wiping down woodwork,including baseboards
  • Scouring and hand-washing floors
  • Painting

Dano's Cleaning adds that special touch to make your Bend or Central Oregon residential or commercial property stand out from the others and looking better than ever!

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